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Find phishing campaigns before they find you!

Designed for Everyone

Phishfinder makes phishing protection accessible to organizations of any size.

Massive Analytics Pipeline

Phishfinder leverages an enormous amount of data to find potential threats to your organization.

Hands-Off Configuration

PhishFinder "just works" with nothing to install, deploy, or manage.

Thoughtfully Designed

We've polished each workflow to ensure that controls are intuitive and straightforward.

Made for You

Our tools are built to fit the needs of everyone, from one-man IT teams to large-scale enterprises.

Phishing Affects Everyone

Phishing is by far the most ubiquitous and costly threat to any organization today. Most security threats scale with your organization's size, but phishing is a problem that affects us all, and yet, there are no good tools to detect phishing campaigns as they're getting started — until now.

Training Isn't Protection

Humans will always be the most vulnerable part of any organization and training your employees to spot phishing attacks is costly and largely ineffective. The best way to effectively protect your organization is by supplementing training with technical controls like PhishFinder.

Here's How We Help

PhishFinder provides a bird's-eye view of your digital footprint, allowing you to see potential threats to your brand or organization in their infancy — before any damage is done. Signing up is simple, and we won't bother you unless absolutely necessary.

Reasonable Pricing

We're trying to design a first-of-its-kind phishing product, and we want to make sure that our customers have the ability to help us build it, so we're asking for your help with finding "fair market" value for PhishFinder. To start we're proposing $10/month (or $100/year) to protect up to 5 domains. Too high? Too Low? Let us know below!


per month for 5 domains


Votes like yours are critical to us making the right decisions about PhishFinder.